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The car you buy from our website is verified and comes with detailed technical and aesthetic evaluation conducted independently prior purchase. All our cars are in perfect condition with a 3 years warranty

We ensure safe and fast delivery of our cars to customer location with low shipping cost.we deliver your car to your home or to any other location you choose on a special trailer, perfectly safe and with maximum. The car will be delivered with all documents and verified on our database to keep track of car in case if being stolen.

Imagine the car of your dreams waiting for you in the parking lot! Flawless and shiny. The fine lines and smooth contours, the beautiful upholstery, the feel of the steering wheel, the sound of the engine…

With Luxury USA Cars, your dream becomes reality: the car can be yours in no time, featuring all the equipment and configuration you desire.


Purchase your car with the certainty that the transaction is completely safe! Get your car through LUXURY USA CARS and you will benefit from absolute purchase security. All payments, including international ones, are made through secured platforms. LUXURY USA CARS has extensive experience in the field of international acquisitions and car imports.

After-Sales Service
24/7 roadside assistance will be provided anywhere in Europe. LUXURY USA CARS offers you permanent, on-call roadside assistance. Everything is only a phone call away. Our trustworthy service partners across USA are ready at any time to assist you in case of emergency 24/7.